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We invite the kids from ages two to six into a world where they can improve themselves.

Original interactive exercises, books, animated games, and imaginative activities captivate the attention of children.

Robust curriculum

and personalized

You can find more than 100 games in various areas such as memory, focus, analytical thinking and much more. It is automatically adjusted in accordance to age and learning speed of each child to provide the optimum development of mental skills. Observe your kid's progress with reports throughout the entire process.

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KidCube helps to empower children for success in school and life. It also allows your children to play by themselves and improves their motor skills along with their spatial vision. Parents can track their child's activity periodically and see their progress. You can safely leave them alone!

Over 100,000 families use our apps.

"One of the best for kids! My son has learned lots of things by playing. I was in search of educational games for a long time, and finally, I found this one. So happy with this app!"

- Elizabeth Bennett, Mother of 3

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